Vision, Mission, and Values


Jesus goes before us and invites us to

Come as we are
Experience the Spirit’s freedom moving through our lives
Go and give witness to what we have seen and heard.


McIvor Church exists because God chose us in love
To be a Christ-like community that loves God and our neighbor
And declares His message to the world!


  • Dependence on God
    • We depend on God for all that we are and do. We express our dependency through trust, worship, prayer, and Spirit  filled living.  Our dependency affirms that Jesus is at work in our world and we are committed to living out His purposes in surrender and obedience.
  • Accepting Relationships
    • We value people, loving them as Jesus did.  Life transformation takes place through respectful, compassionate, accepting  relationships, not just the imparting of information.  Therefore everything we do is done from a relational grace-filled core.
  • Biblical Preaching and Teaching
    • We value a sound presentation of God’s Word that engages our minds and encourages us to take our next step with Jesus wherever we are on our spiritual journey.
  • Evangelism
    • We believe that abundant and everlasting life comes through knowing Jesus.  God the Father’s desire for people to know His Son creates an urgent response in us to give witness with our lives.
  • Service
    • We value willing service and personal sacrifice to do God’s work because God’s work is more important than our pleasure.
  • Christ-Centered
    • We value Christ as our example and King because without surrender and obedience to Him we cannot have true fellowship with God or each other.
  • Integrity
    • We value honesty, authenticity and humility because without it we cannot be people of integrity who are salt and light in our world.
  • Empowering Leadership
    • We value leadership that facilitates vision and  nurtures believers to reach their full potential as God’s ministers.

“We value people, loving them as Jesus did.”