Our hearts have been breaking with the news of 215 Indigenous children discovered in a mass grave at a Kamloops residential school. May the Spirit of God move us to grieve the wrongs that have taken place and walk down the long road of repentance, reconciliation, and justice. For us as a church, one step on that road has been invited: to give a gift of love and solidarity to our neighbours from the Shamattawa nation.

Our goal is to collect:

  • 215 pairs of children’s shoes (new or like-new condition)
  • 215 items for newborns and mothers of newborns (new or like-new condition)
  • 215 loaves of chocolate chip banana bread (No specific recipe is required, however, NO NUTS, please! The loaves should be wrapped in wax paper, then saran or a zip lock bag, and then frozen. The loaves need to be kept frozen until they are shipped!)

These items can be dropped off at McIvor Church by June 21st when they will then be delivered to our Shamattawa neighbours.